Previous Exhibitions > 'The Long Now' - Recent Work by Mark Holmes

With this new body of work Mark Holmes relentlessly investigates the physical/philosophical position of his objects. When writing about the group he refers to as 'Stand' he states "I think of them as failed archetypes that each function as members of a predictable category ......." and "This invites a comparison of an essential 'what' to the more incidental 'how'." clearly thinking about these objects' collective place in the world.

Mark seems to be pulling at the threads of categorization, watching those categories unravel. He references architecture, the body, sculpture, painting, color, surface, and much more but, he settles nowhere. He is adamantly an 'object maker' but he gives the audience no clear category for his objects. He only asks that we look and think. We must, if we need to, find that place for ourselves. He asks that the audience take their time, observe, look at the objects in the space. He states that "No single view provides a reliable sense of the whole; this must be actively pieced together from memory and investigation." However, he promises to reward us for our careful attention, for the "generosity and investment of the viewer over time."