- Current Exhibition - 'Annex' - Ben Murray

-- !!!! ATTENTION !!!! --

Video screening @ SideCar

SideCar will be hosting a video screening curated by Jesse Malmed on

Sunday, December 9th at 5pm.

Please join us for 'Shadows of Echoes of Memories of Songs', a video screening curated by Jesse Malmed.

Jennifer Reeder
Blair Bogen
Steve Reinke
Kyle Schlie
Cameron Gibson
Karen Yasinsky

Jesse has gathered these short films together and will present them in conjunction with the works on view in the current exhibition 'Annex' - Ben Murray. This screening will serve as a closing to the exhibition.

Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator living and working in Chicago. His work in moving images, performance, text and occasional objects has exhibited widely in museums, cinemas, galleries, bars and barns, including recent solo presentations at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Roots and Culture, the Chicago Cultural Center, D Gallery, Syntax Season, Cinema Contra, Microlights, Echo Park Film Center, Lease Agreement and the University of Chicago Film Studies Center.

His platformist and curatorial projects include the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, programming at the Nightingale Cinema, instigating Western Pole, the mobile exhibition space and artist bumper sticker project Trunk Show (with Raven Falquez Munsell), programming through ACRE TV and organizing exhibitions, screenings and performance events both independently and institutionally.

A native of Santa Fe, he earned his BA from Bard College and his MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was named a "2014 Breakout Artist" by Newcity.

He is an Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and teaches in the Chicago Public Schools through CAPE.

He is the lead singer of The Fucs (a Fugs cover band) and was profiled recently in Newcity's Film 50.

Please join us Sunday, December 9th! We will begin the program promptly at 5 PM.

Gallery Hours through the run of exhibitions: Saturday, 1 PM - 6 PM and by appointment

'Annex' - Ben Murray

For over a decade now, Ben Murray has been making artwork about memory and the imperfections that arise in our attempt to recollect events and places as human beings in our daily lives. Annex will showcase a collection of autobiographical paintings and sculptures positioned on returning "home" since his move back to Northwest Indiana in 2017.

Ben Murray was born in Merriville, IN and currently lives in Gary, IN. He holds an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from the Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, Indiana. He has exhibited at Cleve Carney Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, Elmhurst Museum of Art and Gallery 400, Illinois; Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha; The Armory Show, New York. He is represented by Monique Meloche Gallery in Chicago.


Ben Murray

October 13th - November 10th, 2018

Hours: Saturday, 1 PM - 6 PM and by appointment