Previous Exhibitions > 'Every Hour Is Happy Hour' - Current Work by Danny Hein and Michael Robert Pollard

At a time when what can be considered "Art" is wide open, it is easy to overlook work that takes as it's primary subject matter people; human beings in all their varied glory. Art that consists of a chrome-plated spectacle or art that is highly theoretical and self-reflexive is to be found in abundance. Work that begins with the time-honored form of the human figure in the landscape can easily slip into the cracks between that spectacle and austerity.

Both of these artists use the humble genres of landscape/cityscape and portraiture as jumping-off points for work that examines human beings in these artists' daily surroundings. People; everyday people, politicians, celebrities, people in their world, their place with all their strengths, foibles and frailties. This work, however, is not about judgment but more about observation. These are lushly painted objects, deftly handled watercolor and pencil drawings. The work oscillates between subtlety and mania and is leavened with a healthy shot of humor. Firmly placed within our time these works say to us, where people are concerned, every hour is happy hour.