Previous Exhibitions > 'To Catch A River' - Selected Works and A Collaborative Installation by Matt Hanner, Monica Herrera-Montiel and Shari Pettis

This group of artists, using simplified terms, a kind-of reductive abstraction, seeks to elicit something from beneath the surface of their everyday walk. However, rather than use the language of art to close us out, to separate themselves from us, these artists point to our similarities. These works not only communicate that an ongoing process of distillation is taking place, they ask us to be part of the process. This is inclusive work, tactile and physical in nature. The works are grounded in their physicality by emphasizing the materials they are made of, declaring "I am paint and wood". There is a focus on perceptual interaction between object and audience; the color hurts your eyes, the space in the imagery is distorted and we are asked to literally start the 'ball' rolling. These objects transform the spaces that they occupy, changing the light, tracing, cutting up, then joining the rooms and filling the gallery with sound.

In confronting these works, we are beckoned to by the artists; 'join up, be part of life, part of the process of trying to catch the river' ...... In the end we have no choice but to come along for the ride.