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‘A Better Tomorrowland’

In conjunction with Slow Gallery of Chicago and curated by Slow's Director, Paul Hopkin, SideCar is pleased to present 'A Better Tomorrowland'.

Benjamin Zellmer Bellas
Christa Donner
Jeffrey Grauel
John Henley
Nick Lowe
Melissa Pokorny

What is the difference between building a new colony, a new society, and expanding the old in hopes of surviving a nuclear winter? In science fiction we project our desires for better futures. It’s also where we present our abiding fears as potential outcomes, we can’t help ourselves. The many pathways weave into a complicated web. Even theoretical physics becomes entangled in flights of fancy as it turns focus on the Schroedinger position where the outcomes all exist in the same places and at the same times, but separated by universes. Instead of polar opposites we end up inside of endless multiplicity where every outcome is a part of impossible wholeness. Some of us avoid this mode of thinking because it is intellectually challenging. Some of us are thrilled by the difficulty and feel rewarded knowing we were up to the test. Some of us become overwhelmed by the futility. If multiple outcomes are real, our choices feel adjacent to inevitability. After all, if all the outcomes must exist at any given time, where does that leave choice?

May 5th - June 2nd, 2018