Previous Exhibitions > 'In Circles' - New Work by Surabhi Ghosh and Karolina Gnatowski

Opening Reception: May 12th, 5 PM - 10 PM

"In Circles" - New Work by:

Surabhi Ghosh


Karolina Gnatowski

Both of these artists produce works that can be referred to as art objects in the classic sense of the term. They are objects that are at home in the purity of a gallery space; 'sculptures', 'paintings' and 'drawings'. They are objects where there is ample evidence of the hand of the artist, built up with repetitive mark-making or cumulative woven patterns.
However, they both also make use of the decorative and they both riff off of the domestic. The resulting objects seem to exist somewhere between a domestic space and the white cube. We can not really be sure where to place them in the world and it is this ambiguous place in which the power of these objects lies.