'Meat and Potatoes' - New works by Michael Robert Pollard'Sans Titre''We Traveled Among Unknown Men''Ugly Feelings'- tata -Floating Orange'Documentia''EARTHTWERKS & Other Celestial Familiars''They Pass Unseen In the World''ISH ASH GRAF MASH''From Utopia' - New work by Clare Britt'Ghosts Don't Burn''Just Like All Those Times Tomorrow''Prototypes' - New work by Michael Robert Pollard'You Can't Get There From Here' - Merchant Adams & Casey Murtaugh'Dead Heat' - New work by Paul Perkins

September 8th - October 6th, 2012'In Circles' - New Work by Surabhi Ghosh and Karolina Gnatowski'They Wore Red Faces of Clay' - New work by:'Water' - New Work by Tom Burtonwood, Holly Holmes and James JankowiakA pair of reviews for 'AIR' ....'Earth' - New Work by Darren Burge and l.h.sven johnsonMDW Fair

April 23rd and 24th, 2011'Fire' - New Work and A Collaborative Installation by Paul Perkins and Jeremy Price'The Long Now' - Recent Work by Mark Holmes'Every Hour Is Happy Hour' - Current Work by Danny Hein and Michael Robert Pollard'To Catch A River' - Selected Works and A Collaborative Installation by Matt Hanner, Monica Herrera-Montiel and Shari Pettis'Sweeping The Inside Out' - Current Work by:
Previous Exhibitions:
'Meat and Potatoes' - New works by Michael Robert Pollard

This will be Michael Robert Pollard's second solo exhibition with the gallery. He lives and works in Chicago.

'Meat and Potatoes' - November 12th - December 10th, 2016

'Sans Titre'

a group exhibition organized by 65GRAND featuring:

Judith Geichman

Sam Jaffe

Boris Ostrerov

Kellie Romany

September 17th - October 22nd, 2016

'We Traveled Among Unknown Men'

Collaborative Woodcuts by:

Isak Applin

Carl Baratta

Oli Watt

With Wooden Sculptures by Oli Watt

This exhibition takes an up to date look at the ongoing collaborative woodcut print project undertaken by these three artists.

May 21st - June 18th, 2016

'Ugly Feelings'

April Childers
Chelsea Culprit
Ben Foch
Matt Hilshorst
Anna Mayer
Wolfie E. Rawk

curated by Karolina Gnatowski

All of the works in this exhibition employ a soft horror that is rooted in anxiety. Whether it manifests in spell casting, theatrical anticipation, slow revelations, conspiracy theory, quick fire bluntness, ambiguous imagery or safe/unsafe participation, the overlaying theme within these works is projection.

March 5th - April 2nd, 2016

'tata' - Karolina Gnatowski

1970's psychedelic Americana
home invasions
The Doors
jacquard looms
Los Angeles sunsets

an exhibition of the tail-end of a series of 27 objects based on the 1970's rock band The Doors and the state of California (or more accurately, the mythologies surrounding The Doors and California).

September 26th - October 24th, 2015

'Floating Orange'

An exhibition of digital prints by Rusty Shackleford and ceramic sculptures by deborah handler

May 16th - June 13th, 2015

- Documentia -

Documentia: The idea of a documentary impulse that rather than research or science, is a personal, eccentric or obsessive act of collecting, cataloging and perhaps even identity-building. This exhibition features the work of artists and others whose activities can be considered art.

Horst Ademeit
Brandon Alvendia
David Giordano
Bertram Litoff
Olivia Martin Moore
Roman Opalka
Mike Schuh

Curated by Erik Wenzel

March 7th - April 4th, 2015

'EARTHTWERKS & Other Celestial Familiars'

A group exhibition of artists from across the country that make up the New York collective Ortega y Gasset Projects.

November 15th - December 13th, 2014

'They Pass Unseen In the World' - New work by Julia Klein
Collaborative Woodcut Prints by Isak Applin, Carl Baratta and Oli Watt

September 20th - October 18th, 2014


A collaborative installation by Ismael "ISH" Muhammad Nieves and Claire Ashley
May 24th - June 21st, 2014

'From Utopia' - New work by Clare Britt
March 15th - April 19th, 2014

'Ghosts Don't Burn'

Current Works by Carl Baratta and Zack Wirsum

With objects and installation by:
Lauren Ball
Nathan Carder
Mariano Chavez
Karolina Gnatowski
Pedro Munoz
Mindy Rose Schwartz

Curated by Lucas Bucholtz - October 19th - November 23rd, 2013

'Just Like All Those Times Tomorrow'

Paintings by Mara Baker and collaborative ceramics by Nathan Tonning & Amanda Wong - May 4th - June 1st, 2013

'Prototypes' - New work by:

Michael Robert Pollard
March 2nd - March 30th, 2013

'You Can't Get There From Here' - New Work By:

Merchant Adams & Casey Murtaugh
November 17th - December 15th, 2012

'Dead Heat' - New work by:

Paul Perkins
September 8th - October 6th, 2012

'In Circles' - New Work by:

Surabhi Ghosh
Karolina Gnatowski
May 12th - June 9th, 2012

'They Wore Red Faces of Clay' - featuring new work by:

Isak Applin
Shay DeGrandis
Iva Gueorguieva
Justin Michell
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola
Dan Schank

Curated by Carl Baratta - March 3rd - March 31st, 2012

'Water' - New work by:

Tom Burtonwood
Holly Holmes
James Jankowiak
November 5th - December 3rd, 2011

'AIR: tasteless odorless colorless' - New Work by:

Claire Ashley and Mark Booth
September 10th - October 8th, 2011

'Earth' - New Work by:

Darren Burge and l.h.sven johnson
May 7th - June 4th, 2011

'Fire' - New Work and a Collaborative Installation By:

Paul Perkins and Jeremy Price
March 5th - April 2nd, 2011

'The Long Now'

An Exhibition of Recent Work by Mark Holmes
October 9th - November 6th, 2010

'Every Hour Is Happy Hour'

Danny Hein and Michael Robert Pollard
June 12th - July 10th, 2010

'To Catch A River'

Matt Hanner
Monica Herrera-Montiel
Shari Pettis
March 13th - April 10th, 2010

'Sweeping the Inside Out'

Gunnatowski (Karolina Gnatowski, Daniel Gunn)
Sarah Hicks
Chris Miller
Jeremy Price
Mindy Rose Schwartz
Jeremy Somer
Robert Reinard
October 24th - November 22nd, 2009